On Monday 21 August 2006 15:02, Garrett Cooper wrote:
>     CVSUP isn't that difficult IMHO to learn, and is a better, more
> efficient way to download the ports Makefiles. It will take him all of
> 10-20 minutes to configure if he reads the documentation and uses the
> example file.

I am always willing to learn something new. How is it more efficient at 
downloading the port's Makefiles? I agree that the first time you 
run 'portsnap' it might take twenty minutes to fetch and extract the files. 
However, after that it only requires a fetch and update to complete the job. 
It appears, to me anyway, to run at least as quick as cvsup plus I do not 
have to rebuild the index. If he runs cvsup I believe he has to rebuild the 
index, or am I mistaken?

In any case, he has to use one method or the other or he will never get his 
system updated.

Gerard Seibert

Every man takes the limits of his own field
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