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I am trying to get syslogd configured to do remote logging to another box. In my syslog.conf on the local machine I have:

local0.*  @xx.xx.xx.xx

In syslog.conf on the remote machine I have:

local0.* /some/file.log

and I have added the syslogd_flags="-a xx.xx.xx.xx/xx" to rc.conf on the remote machine and restarted syslogd. So far nothing is being logged to the remote machine. Can anyone point out a step that I have missed?


   In the machine that receives the syslogd messages, try specifiying
the message source:

+host           # host is the name of the machine that sends messages
local0.*        /some/file.log  # the message type and log file
+*              # resets the log source specification...

   The manual page syslog.conf(5) specifies this issue.

Daniel Molina Wegener
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