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> Hi
> I have previously reported an inability to get my amd Freebsd 
> 6.1 system to recognize a drive and am wondering if it is 
> because the relevant device node is not in /dev. having said 
> that I am unsure of what I need to be looking for or how to create it.
> here are the drives I have got:
> (NB Physical Location is is what I use to identify  the 
> machine bay in which it is located!)
> Western Digital WD2000JD Physical location A SATA
> ad0 is a Western Digital WD2000JB-00KFA0 08.05J08 Physical 
> location B IDE ata-0master UDMA100
> ad4 is a Seagate ST3160827AS 3.42 ata2 -master SATA150
> acd0 is a CDRW <LITE-ON CD-RW SOHR-5239S/2s03> at ata0-slave UDMA33
> CMOS reports
> IDE Channel 0 Master WDC WD2000JB 
> IDE Channel 0 Slave  LITE-ON CD-RW SOHR
> IDE Channel 1Master [None] 
> IDE Channel 1 Slave  [None]
> IDE Channel 2 Master  [None]  
> IDE Channel 3 Master  WDC WD2000JD
> IDE Channel 4 Master  [None]
> IDE Channel 5 Master  ST3160827As
> In /dev I have ad0, ad0s1 & ad0s1a >thru e
> ata
> da0 & da1
> I do not gave any others that appear to be relevant to drives.
> Question is
> 1. What device node names need to be in /dev.
> 2. How do I create any missing ones.
> I have looked at the man pages but I find them a bit terse 
> for my understanding
> Thanks

As an experiment I disconnected ad0 and then rebooted from the iso image to see 
what would be reported.
The installation menu reported
No disks found!

Does anyone have a clue as to what might be going on here and how I might be 
able to deal with  it?


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