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> On 8/21/06, Vizion <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > The motherboard is a FA-K8N51GMF-9 with 3 hard drives
> > > installed. 2xSata and 1xIDE.
> That mobo uses an Nvidia chipset, last I checked the drivers for that
> chipset weren't that great.
> > > How do I get the installer select drives interface to recognize ad6?
> > >
> Do you have a /dev/ad6?
> I have now sifted the connected to the SATA2 connector on the motherboard -- 
> but it is still not recognized.. see comments below made in the posting I 
> have just made to the amd64 list.

My feeling is that you either have a bad cable or the sata controller
is having problems, but it could also be the HDD (it *is* plugged in,

Here are some things you can try:
- replace the cable. Yes, cables go bad frequently and for no obvious
reason. So do connectors, but less frequently.
- That mobo probably has four SATA ports, try the drive on different ports.
- take out your Seagate drive and put the WD on that SATA port. (Use a
live cd like FreeSBIE to boot and test the drive configuation.)
- try the Seagate as ad6 and the WD as ad4

This is all basic troubleshooting. By changing one piece of the
configuation at a time you should be able to identify the problem.


It turns out that the connections tio the drives have to be connected in the 
preferential order by which the drives are listed in the cmos AND that includes 
correct choice for each sata bus. get any of them in the wrong sequence and 
freebsd does not recognize the drive as being present.

Thanks for your input.. it really helped me to stick at it!! 

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