First I was directed to post the  here because I  posted to the stable mailing 
list before re-reading what it's purpose is- I apologise-.
 I am playing with freebsd 6 on a testing box.  I Upgraded l from 6.0 to 6.1 
because it looked like popular opinion is that it's got a number of 
improvements After a few false starts and finally figuring what I did wrong  it 
went basicly ok.
 I went to use sysinstall  to install a few usefull looking items however I got 
a error message:
 "Release 6.1-p3 not found on server"
 What is puzling is if I do essentially the samething: run pkg_add -f from the 
command line I seem to get some of the  packages I wanted-to install. Is this 
normal? or did I do something wrong? 
 I am not entirely sure how fix this and any assistance is apreciated.
 (The free-bsd etiquite   note statements says I should mention what I have 
done so far)
 I have started by using google to see if anyone else has this problem. I 
haven't found the problem on bulitin boards or the like (not yet anyway-i'll 
look again in the morning)
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