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>> I tried to update my new server to the new time zone by running 
>> 'tzsetup' and selecting Eastern.  However, instead of showing 11:45, 
>> it shows 6:45 - 5 hours later.  I even tried to do a 'cp /usr/share/
>> zoneinfo/EST5EDT /etc/localtime" but it didn't help.  What can I do 
>> to fix it?
> What time does your BIOS say? And did you tell Linux which time zone
> the BIOS thinks it is in?
> There is a UTC=true or UTC=false line in /etc/sysconfig/clock you
> might investigate.

Yeah, but this is *freebsd*-questions, so telling the OP how to fix
a Linux box is not very coherent.

You could well be exactly right on the diagnosis of the problem though:
the CMOS clock on the motherboard can either be set to run UTC or it can
be set to the local wall-clock time.  The first (UTC) is preferred by Unix
machines, the second by Windows.  FreeBSD will cope with a CMOS clock
set to run using the local wall clock time in order to play nice on
multi-boot systems, but you have to tell the system it's operating in
that mode.

To change the setting, run /usr/sbin/tzsetup and when asked about the CMOS
clock on the first screen, choose 'Yes' if your machine runs FreeBSD always
or 'No' if you occasionally boot into  Windows.  Then choose your local
timezone from the menus. If, after doing that, there is a zero length file
/etc/wall_cmos_clock then you have set your system to use a CMOS clock set
to wall clock time.  See adjkerntz(1) for the full story.

After running tzsetup, either restart ntpd to force your machine to step
the clock a long way to sync with the server, or set the date/time manually
as Greg described upthread.



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