Graham North wrote:
I just tried to ssh into freebsd server using Putty (pocketputty actually).

I got a connection (sort of) but my Putty device put up the question "...unknown you want to trust it..." or words to that effect. Due to finger problems on the touchscreen I said NO. OOPs - now putty gives me error messages about not being able to connect to server. I think that my FreeBsd box is locking me out (or maybe it is the Windows Mobile??

Can anyone tell me how to unlock this situation ?
Presumably if it is FreeBSD locking me out then there is a black mark against my mobile's mac address??? Can I find and remedy? Alternatively, perhaps my mobile device is not accepting the security certificate from the server in which case I need the FBSD server to issue a different one?

I feel a bit like the guy who left his key inside the car and locked himself out..!
Any help please?

I'm not to up to date with Windows Mobile, but this is an issue were putty has put the certificate from the FreeBSD server on the black list because it thinks you told it that it was wrong. Try to remove putty from your PDA, remove any files etc it might have left behind and reinstall.
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