In the last episode (Aug 23), Lisa Casey said:
> This ought to be a fairly simple question, but I've googled and can't
> really find the answer.
> I'ld like to have the reports from the system cron jobs (daily run
> output, security run output, weekly run output and monthly run
> output) sent to an e-mail address other than root, but I want all the
> "postmaster" stuff (mailer-daemon emails, etc.) to continue going to
> root (so I don't particularly want to just forward root's mail
> somewhere using the aliases file).

The periodic scripts generate their own emails, so setting MAILTO= in
crontab (or manually piping the output to sendmail as you did) won't do
anything.  They default to the "root" email address, but you can change
it by editing /etc/periodic.conf and adding lines like

daily_output="[EMAIL PROTECTED]"

.  Use /etc/defaults/periodic.conf as a references.  This feature is
documented in the periodic(8) manpage, but all the examples log to
files, so it's easy to miss that fact that you can also use email

        Dan Nelson
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