I am looking for the best possible solution in order to setup a High availability mail cluster using FreeBSD (smtp/imap/pop server with 1000 accounts).

Selected software are as followed :

- Postfix
- Amavisd-new
- SpamAssassin
- Courier Imap
- Clamav
- a web mail (not yet selected but probably horde)

The idea is to offer a simple and very efficient solution in order for the server to have a 100% uptime under any circumstances.

I would like (if possible) to stick to software available in the ports (for ease of maintenance).

I was first thinking about using Linux-HA aka. "heartbeat" and syncing the two boxes using rsync ?

What other solution would you think of ?

Can't really help with the HA aspect, but I'd take a look at:


"Policyd-weight is (as the name says) a weighted policyd for Postfix.
It uses HELO, MAIL FROM and the MTA IP address for scoring their
correctness. It also uses definable DNSBLs and RHSBLs in a scored fashion."

I've been using that instead of spamassassin (which can be a memory hog) and very little spam makes it through. It's nice in that it doesn't even have to accept the message body to do it's thing.

Also, consider, clamsmtp


for tying clamav into postfix without having ot use amavisd...

And lastly, you might take a look at roundcube for webmail...

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