> Well, you're at least as far as having the disk sliced up in a 
> workable way, or the bootstrap wouldn't start at all. This jumps
> out as not only being bad, but happening right before meltdown.
> > acpi: bad RSDP checksum (210)

I suspect it's a red herring, since I was getting that message at
that point when everything was working (with the 10GB drive).

It's a little hard to visualize how ACPI troubles could cause
this behavior anyway.  The loader is apparently able to read
/boot/defaults/loader.conf, and "ls" finds a reasonable-looking
collection of stuff, just no file named 'kernel'.  If ACPI --
or anything else -- were interfering with drive access, I'd
expect to see a garbled directory structure, or nothing at all.

After a CD boot, is there a reasonably simple way to have sysinstall
reinstall just the kernel -- or the package containing it -- without
starting completely over?

> Have you got the latest Dell BIOS for this hardware? If not you
> may be SOL if they don't support this hardware any more. I expect
> the GX1 is well past Dell's official EOL, but they may still have
> the files downloadable on their support site.

The BIOS version is A08.  Dunno if it is the latest, but I do have
ACPI turned off in the BIOS.  I guess it is arguably a BIOS bug for
an RSDP to exist when ACPI is disabled, and/or a FreeBSD bug to be
complaining about ACPI when it is disabled.
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