Svein Halvor Halvorsen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: Subhro wrote:
> yourself. However remember to cvsup your ports tree before you start
> using it to get the required software. Refer to the handbook for
> understanding how ports work.

For most people portsnap would be a better way of updating one's ports
tree. Firstly, it's in the base system and thus doesn't require any
third party software. Secondly, most newbies find it easier to use.

 Svein Halvor

Hmm porstnap seemed to have worked ok. I installed the portupgrade suite 
through pkg_add. 
 Somethings still not happy. Because when  took a stab at installing:
 xorg and compat 5 as a dependency for nvidia-driver/nvidia-glx
 nvidia can't find something and I don't know what because the first part of 
the message scrolls of the screen- (remember I'm not in xorg yet)
 -What the newbie here has done so far to help itself-
 Just as a guess-reinstalled linux_base because I remembered reading on a Just 
Some Guys 'Blog abut the same problem
 thinking it couldn't hurt anything since I hadn't installed hardly much of 
 cd /usr/ports/emulators/linux_base.
 make deinstall
 make clean
 make install
 Ran that for 15 minuts-it ran into some sort of 
 "error 1!" (repeated 5 times)
 Undaunted-re- did make etc.
 Somethng about rpm something not found 
 (cd'd into linux_bas-fc4)
 ran make install clean-but it says it can't find the  ftp servers-
 Any guesses what I'm doing wrong?

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