On 24/08/2006 07:17, Dave Raven wrote:
> Hi all,

Hi Dave,

>       I have a FreeBSD 4.x box running an app that uses 30-50% of the
> processor. Periodically (through cron) we run a perl app that processes log
> files and inserts the entries to sql.
> This perl + mysql combination is causing problems for our app and I'd like
> to run them at a low priority. What nice value should I give them - should I
> lower the value of just the perl, or both, or make the high priority app's
> value higher?

I'd say make both perl and mysql processes 'nicer', say, both to value
of 10 (YMMV, you may want to experiment with it).

From your post I'm not sure if you're aware - the lower the value of
'nice' the higher priority the process has. Check
getpriority(2) for the details.

On the side note, I'm doing it all the time - I can watch tv (with
some filters it takes about 20% CPU) perfectly fine while building
world with nice =20.

> Thanks
> Dave



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