Good morning dear FreeBSD enthusiasts.  I am attempting to install FreeBSD
6.1 on a Compaq Proliant 5000.  The computer is equipped with four Pentium
Pro processors clocked at 200 mhz and with a Smart 2/P hardware-RAID array.
The BIOS indicates that the first two processors have failed.  They are
actually okay, but there is something wrong with their socket on the

The following sequence is being quoted from human memory.  I ran SmartStart
with the request to install S.C.O. OpenUnix.  Of the operating systems
supported by SmartStart, this one sounded the most similar to FreeBSD.
Then I rebooted with the CD containing FreeBSD 6.1 in the SCSI CD-ROM
reader.  To my surprise, the computer booted off of the CD-ROM.  Initially,
the screen displayed in black-and-white.  When a list box appeared, I
entered the request for a command prompt.  The monitor immediately
displayed a command prompt.  I entered the following commands:

load ida
load sym
set Hint.acpi.0.disabled="1"
set Hw.physmem=1048576K

The fourth command was entered because the boot program does not correctly
interpret the memory size from the information transferred to it from the
BIOS.  Then a lengthy list of device drivers either installed, or
failed-to-install, scrolled down the face of the monitor, still in
black-and-white.  Then the screen displayed a blue background, and a
colored message appeared saying "probing for devices."  Then it displayed a
message to choose a country code.  The display delayed response to keyboard
entries by two minutes or more for each keystroke.  I selected "United
States."  Several minutes later, the list box disappeared, and screen
became blank blue.  One-half hour later, another list box displayed which
gave the user choices of the type of install desired.   There was
absolutely no response on the screen to any keyboard entry.  What am I
doing wrong?  Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.  Yours truly,

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