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> > should be ok. Any particular reason you are
> > partitioning multiple partitions for FreeBSD? this
> For some reason, when we ordered the server w/
> freebsd pre-installed,
> the vendor created a slice which was less than half
> the size of the
> full raid array (>2TB).  Perhaps because sysinstall
> was having trouble
> with a slice larger than 2TB?
> This page --
> http://www.freebsd.org/projects/bigdisk/ -- may be
> out of
> date, but it reports:
> sysinstall    Not done        A full audit is needed.
> Reports exist of
> problems with >1TB partitions.
> --mark

wish I could say I had problems getting my system to
see a full 2TB as one partition... 

informative link though, it sounds like when they
implement what they want the only solution to upgrade
is to pray. That or hope once the userland suite is
update is complete; some kind of update, dump, use the
new tools to prepare the drives, and restore. can't
wait for that one.

although I don't have the problem of having Terabytes
to worry about yet...

good luck


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