I have been reading on FreeBSD 6.1 with a view of installing in our 10 user shop.
The book is: FreeBSD 6 Unleashed, by Michael Urban and Brian Tiemann (SAMS).

On Page 93: BSD VS SYS 5 RUN CONTROL , I quote

"There is no multiuser mode without network support (in FreeBSD 6.1) as there is in SYS V run levels". Is this correct? This would mean that I can not install FreeBSD in a small 10 user office without network support?

I have work with all versions of unix (ATT, SCO, AIX, SUN) etc and they all have multiuser mode without network support. It should be possible to get an Intel processor and 10 dumm terminals, hook them up by wire and you'd be in business. This is true for the unix I mentioned above. Is it also true for ANY version of BSD (free or otherwise)?

Thank you.

Joe Markarian

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