Joseph Markarian wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Joseph,
> I have been reading on FreeBSD 6.1 with a view of installing in our 10 user 
> shop.
> The book is: FreeBSD 6 Unleashed, by Michael Urban and Brian Tiemann (SAMS).
> On Page 93: BSD VS SYS 5 RUN CONTROL , I quote
> "There is no multiuser mode without network support (in FreeBSD 6.1)  as 
> there is in SYS V  
> run levels". Is this correct? This would mean that I can not install FreeBSD 
> in a small 10 
> user office without network support?

What the book means is that FreeBSD just does not distinguish various
runlevels like SysV does. There is only singleuser and multiuser with
BSD-stlye init, while SysV init has more (Singleuser, Multiuser with no
networking, Multiuser with Networking, X...).

Of course it's possible to run FreeBSD non-networked. :-)

> I have work with all versions of unix (ATT, SCO, AIX, SUN) etc and they all 
> have multiuser 
> mode without network support. It should be possible to get an Intel processor 
> and 10 dumm 
> terminals, hook them up by wire and you'd be in business. This is true for 
> the unix I 
> mentioned above. Is it also true for ANY version of BSD (free or otherwise)?
> Thank you.
> Joe Markarian
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