Hi all.

Could I change the kernel version tag manually? say, I have a kernel which is 
7.0-CUREENT, but for some reasons I wanna it be something like 6.1-RELEASE, 
while the kernel itself does't change from 7.0-CURRENT to 6.1-RELEASE. All I 
want is the change of tag. For example, if this works, then when I 
type "uname -a" in console, I would get "6.1-RELEASE ..." instead 
of "7.0-CURRENT ...".

I guess some config files in src/sys/ could take care of this. But I cannot 
find it out. Anybody knows how to get this job done?

Any ideas are really appreciated. :-)

Best Regards
Yuan, Jue @ http://www.yuanjue.net
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