I have a client who wishes to automate their order
processing system for their online business. presently
they download reports from their business frontend and
upload them manually to their shipper.

Both systems can use XML and a precursory look at the
document tags suggests a simple XSLT transform should
be able to translate the tags fairly simply.

I was thinking of using Zope to setup a server that
will get the orders from the website, transform them,
and then upload them to the shipper. I built Zope3
last night and went to bed...

In the morning I tried to build the zope-xml*
pluggins. However they start building python 2.3.5-1,
despite python 2.4.x that was built for zope3. I'm
fairly certain I can't have more then one version of
python but maybe I'm mistaken. I didn't want to deal
with it when I woke up so I stopped the builds.

Just wondering if anyone has any familiarity with
Zope, its pitfalls and merits, or if there is an
easier way to do what I described above. My client
doesn't care about keeping a local copy of the orders
but I want to for error control and checking purposes.
I was going to use xmlcatmgr for this purpose. I would
setup two catalogs one for raw and processed orders.
At this point I care more about keeping each order
processing unit if you will in its own little
compartment, perhaps a simple db by date would be more
in order with XML as the content.

any kind of pointers would be appreciated as this is
my first real task building a system that does
something real...


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