A company for whom I do consulting has a FreeBSD mail server. Because they're being deluged with connections from spammers (who have responded to the increasing use of "graylisting" by ordering their armies of bots to try again and again even when spam is rejected), they've subscribed to some DNS blacklists and set Sendmail to limit the number of processes it can spawn at any one time. This reduces the load on the system due to spamming, but also prevents internal users from getting the mail server's attention when they want to send legitimate outgoing mail.

What's the best way to set things up so that more trusted, internal users can access their own instance of Sendmail (with less restrictive process limits, no blacklist checks, etc.) while the outside world sees an instance of Sendmail with blacklisting, process limits, connection limits, load limits, etc.? Will there be problems with file locking, queues, etc. if a third instance of Sendmail is started on a standard FreeBSD install (which normally runs two)? And where's the option that tells Sendmail to listen only on a particular interface? (This should be on the man page, but isn't.)

--Brett Glass

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