At 20:27 25.08.2006, Matti J. Karki wrote:

A word of warning. Above, I mentioned that it's important to remember
that my example will remove _all_ tabulator characters from text. This
means that - for example - all lines with indentation inside the code
comments will be messed up (remember, usually a tab character equals 8
spaces and I'm removing tabs all together). This leads me to my point:
my code does not handle multi-line comments at all. They may look
messed-up. A single curly bracket inside of a comment will throw the
indentation code out of sync. Also the code does not address line
breaks "\", so for example the macro definitions will not be indented
correctly. So, it will take some additional work to be able to run the
script without any side effects.

Seems we gotta give this baby some sessions :)

Have you seen this yet?

All the best,

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