vvp wrote:

> I use FreeBSD 6.1 on HP nx6110 laptop. After fresh installation the drm 
> module 
> for i915 didn't work.
> I've found a patch for i915 to make it work. After that 3d acceleration is 
> works, but I've got another issue:when running KDE screensavers, picture is 
> shifted up. That is probably not a drm driver issue as I saw similar thing on 
> a SuSE linux box with i810 graphics chipset.
> Have anyone ever seen a solution?

You gotta be more specific with what you do and what you have: Did you
update sources? when? have you tried to load the load modules? (should
be in /boot/kernel.old/). Version of X? updated? did it work before

It might be a passing error, try to update again and see if it has been
resolved. Things can also be related to xorg. Versions? updates?

I use i915/drm xorg loads the modules automatically, I don't even need
to think, it just works, from a fresh install of 6.1 and since then
regular updates - to solve other problems. I don't know about 3D
accelleration - I don't even know if it is enabled, but things look
good... and supposedly I can share memory to make use of RAM, I don't
know if I have that - really I don't care as long as things look good...

Cheers, Erik

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