If I try to build an help index for the application manual I get the following
error message:

   INDEXDIR: /home/doug/.kde/share/apps/khelpcenter/index/
   Creating index for 'kde_application_manuals'
   FINDCMD: find /usr/local/share/doc/HTML/en/ -name index.docbook
   htdig failed

In checking the packing lists for kde there is no index.docbook in the
../HTML/en/ directory.

This comes from /usr/local/bin/khc_docbookdig.pl, lines 92-100

  my $findpath = "$kdeprefix/share/doc/HTML/$lang/";
  my $findcmd = "find $findpath -name index.docbook";

  print STDERR "FINDCMD: $findcmd\n";

  if ( !open FIND, "$findcmd|" ) {
    print STDERR "Unable to find docs.\n";
      exit 1;

The setup looks okay and the file is really not there. Anyone else with this
problem. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the file? Thanks

Douglas Denault
Voice: 301-469-8766
  Fax: 301-469-0601
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