On 2006-08-25 16:03, Martin McCormick <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>       I use nmh and recently wanted to not have to manually
> clean up all the garbage that gets in to the quoted text if you
> quote a HTML message or one that has a lot of 8-bit junk like
> Microsoft OUtlook messages do.
>       It looked like I needed  mhonarc so I installed the port with
> no problem.  Each time I try to use mha-mhedit to reply to a
> message full of mime and 8-bit characters, I get the following
> error:
> open2: exec of w3m -dump -cols 76 -T text/html failed at 
> /usr/local/etc/mha-mhedit line 104

It looks like mha-mhedit tries to run the www/w3m browser to dump a
text-only version of the HTML document, and then quote this as the
original.  Do you have the w3m port installed?  If not, there is probably
an option to tell mha-mhedit to use another browser with similar

FWIW, I use a similar trick to let mutt(1) handle HTML-only messages posted
by Outlook users.  In my ~/.mailcap file I have (all in one line):

    text/html ; /usr/local/bin/elinks \
                -dump -dump-charset greek '%s' ; copiousoutput

Maybe mha-mhedit can use a similar trick?

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