> > In 6.1, how would I set up xorg.conf to restrict Xorg to a few
> > specific modes?  The Xorg.8.log created during xorgcfg shows 24
> > modelines, but when I cycle through the modes using CtrlAltPlus
> > there are two which don't work at all and the remaining 22 cover
> > only 8 resolutions (of which only about 3 seem likely to actually
> > be useful.)
> I don't know if there is an easier way, but I just copy the modelines
> I like from the log and paste them in the xorg.conf file. Put them in
> the "Monitor" section.

That is exactly what I did.

> To address your second paragraph: in my case at least, including
> explicit modelines suppresses the automatic modes. I only get the
> ones explicitly listed. This has worked in both XFree86 and Xorg.

In my case, using 6.1 Xorg, the only automatic modes suppressed
were those whose resolutions matched one of the explicit modelines
(and this is consistent with my reading of the 6.1 xorg.conf(5)
manpage).  Perhaps this behavior is different than earlier releases.

The primary problem is that the highest-resolution automatic mode
(1280x960) does not work:  the (LCD) monitor displays a message
to the effect that the input sync frequency is out of range, and
goes into standby after about 20 seconds.

This bad mode is used as the initial mode since it has the highest
resolution, and there is no correct modeline that I can provide
to override it because the resolution exceeds the monitor's
capabilities; so the server always starts up in a non-working
mode.  I can get to a working mode with CtrlAltPlus, but then
the desktop (which was sized according to the initial, invalid,
resolution) is too big for the screen.

I suspect I may have run into an Xorg (or driver) bug -- the
probe did correctly identify the monitor as a Gateway FPD1530,
and this should have caused all resolutions exceeding 1024x768
to be discarded -- but how do I get around it?
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