On 25-Aug-06, at 14:37, Robert Huff wrote:
After doing some digging, I've found that there was a patch applied to
 RELENG_6, modifying the sk driver to ignore my revision of card, and
instructing the re driver to attach. This is probably why it works for Robert and not for me; he's probably running 6 <something>, while I'm
 still on 5 STABLE.
        That machine is -CURRENT, and was at the time of the hardware
change.  NB: at the time this happened, the pci scan code did not
automagically connect the card to the re driver; however, forcing
the loading of if_re.ko did the trick.

Just for archival purposes, in case others need this; I solved my problem by pulling the modifications from RELENG_6 into my local source, and recompiling my kernel with the drivers included. I don't seem to require the kernel module like Robert does, as the driver attaches and initializes when compiled right in. The files to look at are: if_re.c, if_sk.c, if_skreg,h, and if_rlreg.h.

Thanks for your help Robert.

-- Jeremy
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