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        Is there a way of using sox (or another translator) to turn HUGE
        audio mp3 files into much much smaller files?  Say taking man mp3
        files that are stored at 198k high fidelity and outputting these to
        16k or 32k mp3 (or *.ogg or other format) audio files?

        thanks for any insights, sugggestions, or pointers,


Normally voice files dont' need the sort of fidelity ur talking about.
you can make do with a much lower bit rate though i can't give u a
number. u have to test it with ur ears.

there are plenty of tools out there that give u what u want.

sox is one and ffmpeg is another. i am sure there are many other that
do as good a job.

if i were u i woudnt go for ogg since it causes transcoding losses. If
you had a wav file, ogg is ok but since u already have an mp3, ogg
doesnt have enuf info to do a good job.

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