Muhammad Omer Iqbal wrote:

> I have gone through the mysql and php docs and there are some possible
> solutions listed, none of those worked. Of course, I tried looking for a
> solution first before sending it here, this is like one of the last resort
> places, don't want to bug people with something trivial or easily fixable.
> I can post the problem here, but again, I was not too sure if this is the
> right place to post the questions. Anyhow, here it is.
> PHP5 documentation says that mysql and mysqli libraries are no longer
> shipped with PHP and refers to MySQL page and documentation on how to
> install PHP support for MySQL. The precise solution is here:
> I first tried to enable only mysql, and then both mysql and mysqli. I get
> the same error in both cases on my web-server (MySQL is installed on the
> same server too):
>       Fatal error: Class 'mysqli' not found in
> /usr/local/www/apache22/data/test.php on line 7
> Looking through phpinfo, I do not find mysql or mysqli installed, even
> though I have enabled, remade and reinstalled both MySQL and PHP5. In fact,
> I think that my PHP5 is no longer remade, it just reconfigures it and
> reinstalls it because the build date shows as Aug 22 even though I did it
> today and my server date shows as Aug 27. I installed both of these using
> the ports collection, but then I had to manually download MySQL because of
> versioning issues, and untar and install it using the command line.

Please don't top post!

What version issue are you referring to? I am assuming that you
installed both MySQL and PHP5 from an updated ports collection. Did you
run: 'make config' in the PHP5 directory before building the port?

Gerard Seibert

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