Nikolas Britton wrote:

> What I think is interesting is the only ~50% uptake of FreeBSD/amd64
> on 64-bit x86 capable systems. FreeBSD/i386 takes ~90% of the pie.
> Also the less then 1% uptake of sparc64 and alpha ports and 0% for
> FreeBSD/PPC. Maybe we should can some of these platform ports, how
> much overhead do they add to the project?

Woah! It's way, way too soon to start making any decisions based on the
bsdstats site.  There's less than a thousand machines reporting stats
so far -- that's a very small fraction of the FreeBSD total machines
around the world.  As it is a single small company or user with half 
a dozen machines submitting their data could have a radical effect on
the ordering of many of the tables available on the site.

The BSD Stats site is going to need some serious popularization before
it provides a statistically significant sample.  It would probably take
getting the 300.bsdstats periodic job incorporated into the base
system and having a 'please register your system' option fairly
prominently displayed in the installer for several releases to make it
really effective.



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