My installation also completed without any problems. However, it is the
php5-mysql/mysqli libraries that are missing. This will show up as a problem
only when you try to connect to mysql from a php web-page.

Otherwise, my server runs php just fine, and I am also able to run mysql and
issue queries to it from a command line.

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I just installed PHP5 & Mysql5 from the ports collection without any
And yes this is correct place to ask question about installing PHP5 & Mysql5
on Freebsd 6.1 system.

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Hi folks,

I have problems with PHP5 and MySQL running together. I know this is a
freebsd mailing list, not PHP/MySQL, but I am unable to find an appropriate
mailing list for getting my problem resolved. Can someone help and let me
know what the right mailing list is?


(Please do include me in the reply as I am not on the freebsd-questions
mailing list.)

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