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Nikolas Britton wrote:

> What I think is interesting is the only ~50% uptake of FreeBSD/amd64
> on 64-bit x86 capable systems. FreeBSD/i386 takes ~90% of the pie.
> Also the less then 1% uptake of sparc64 and alpha ports and 0% for
> FreeBSD/PPC. Maybe we should can some of these platform ports, how
> much overhead do they add to the project?

Woah! It's way, way too soon to start making any decisions based on the
bsdstats site.  There's less than a thousand machines reporting stats
so far -- that's a very small fraction of the FreeBSD total machines
around the world.  As it is a single small company or user with half
a dozen machines submitting their data could have a radical effect on
the ordering of many of the tables available on the site.

The BSD Stats site is going to need some serious popularization before
it provides a statistically significant sample.  It would probably take
getting the 300.bsdstats periodic job incorporated into the base
system and having a 'please register your system' option fairly
prominently displayed in the installer for several releases to make it
really effective.

I'm being devils advocate here, we don't need to make any rash
decisions etc... It's just something to think about.

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