I was googling "freebsd" and "vpn" so I could use my notebook to
handle work stuff remotely, and I found this:


guess I didn't need google. Regardless, it mentions a lot of kernel
options. I checked my kernel configuration file, to see if they had
been turned on, they weren't even in there and commented out let alone
on (as some optionals are).

What I found and added:
#ipsec: Required for VPN
options         IPSEC        #IP security
options         IPSEC_ESP    #IP security (crypto; define w/ IPSEC)
#ipsec optimsations
options         FAST_IPSEC   # new IPsec (cannot define w/ IPSEC)
options         IPSEC_FILTERGIF  #filter ipsec packets from a tunnel

before adding these, I just had the default 6.1 generic kernel file
with a few things commented and a couple uncommented.

Am I missing soemeting?

-Jim Stapleton
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