Muhammad Omer Iqbal wrote:
> And by the way, I already have MySQL 5.0 as a .tar in the mysql folder, so
> probably all I need to do is let php5-mysql extension know how to access
> that .tar file. 

A .tar of what? The sources? Better put them into /usr/ports/distfiles.

> It seems strange to have to install it again especially when I installed
> php5-extensions with mysql and mysqli extensions.

Hmmm... Well that should have installed the php5-mysql port for you,

> When I tried to make, it tries to fetches MySQL 4.1 whereas I have 5.0
> installed. How can I update the version?

Hmmm... Seems you have a version of the ports tree which is a few months
out of date.

> I have updated Makefile.ext in PHP5 directory with DEFAULT_MYSQL_VER=50, but
> to no avail.

As a basic rule you should never have to directly edit any file
within the port directory.

To make mysql-5.0.x the default version on your system, edit /etc/make.conf
and add:


Then do a 'make clean' in the php-mysql port and try again.



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