Jim Stapleton wrote:

> What I found and added:
> #ipsec: Required for VPN
> options        IPSEC        #IP security
> options        IPSEC_ESP    #IP security (crypto; define w/ IPSEC)
> #ipsec optimsations
> options        FAST_IPSEC   # new IPsec (cannot define w/ IPSEC)
> options        IPSEC_FILTERGIF  #filter ipsec packets from a tunnel
> before adding these, I just had the default 6.1 generic kernel file
> with a few things commented and a couple uncommented.

Just start with the first two options, then add the others if needed.
But before you start, check if this actually solves the problem. There
is a well known problem with IPSec across NAT-firewalls: Authenticated
Headers don't work.

Not all kernel options are in the GENERIC file, look for the NOTES file,
platform specific NOTES are where you find the GENERIC for your
platform, but there is also a general NOTES.

Cheers, Erik
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