stan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I just set up a new cvsup server, using the cvsup-mirror port. I can use it
> to update everything that I need but the ports collection. It fails like
> this:
> Parsing supfile "ports-supfile"
> Connecting to
> Connected to
> Server software version: SNAP_16_1h
> Negotiating file attribute support
> Exchanging collection information
> Establishing passive-mode data connection
> Running
> Updating collection ports-all/cvs
> Detailer failed: Network write failure: Connection lost
> Will retry at 16:07:17
> This happens both on remote machines, and locally on the cvsup machine
> itself. I see the following in dmesg:
> pid 1618 (cvsupd), uid 1002: exited on signal 10
> Can anyone sugest where to start looking for this problem?

Okay, so basically your problem is that cvsupd is crashing.  I doubt
it matters whether the client is cvsup or csup.  For a start, run
cvsupd in verbose mode to see what it notices about the problem before
it hits the bus error.
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