Matthias Fechner wrote:

> * Marc G. Fournier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [26-08-06 22:43]:
>> Figuring that for the purposes of these stats, "driver stats" might be too 
>> fine, I've just added a page breaking down hardware use by Vendor, 
>> eliminating the driver ... (ie. 161 3com devices in use, etc) ... there is 
>> a bug in the stats query used for this one, where I'm showing some 'blank 
>> lines' for devices ... not sure if its a missing device in pci_dev.txt or 
>> not, will investigate further ...
> is it possible to see what the program transmit?
> I can only see that it transfers anything but not what.

You can run:

   sh -x /usr/local/etc/periodic/300.bsdstats

to get a trace of what happens while the script is running.  It's not
exactly the clearest, but amongst that output you can see the calls to
/usr/bin/fetch that upload the information -- this sort of thing:

+ /usr/bin/fetch -qo /dev/null[]=agp0:30991106:060000&dev[]=pcib1:b0991106:060400&dev[]=pcm0:011113f6:040100&dev[]=de0:00091011:020000&dev[]=sym0:00201000:010000&dev[]=sym1:00201000:010000&dev[]=isab0:30741106:060100&dev[]=atapci0:05711106:01018a&dev[]=uhci0:30381106:0c0300&dev[]=uhci1:30381106:0c0300&dev[]=uhci2:30381106:0c0300&dev[]=nvidia0:032210de:030000

Or you can change the 'do_fetch' subroutine to just echo what it would

happy-idiot-talk:~:% diff -u /usr/local/etc/periodic/monthly/300.statistics 
--- /usr/local/etc/periodic/monthly/300.statistics      Mon Aug 28 09:27:25 2006
+++ /tmp/300.statistics Mon Aug 28 09:29:53 2006
@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@
 do_fetch () {
-    /usr/bin/fetch -qo /dev/null "http://$checkin_server/scripts/$1";
+    echo /usr/bin/fetch -qo /dev/null "http://$checkin_server/scripts/$1";


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