On Monday 28 August 2006 08:40, newsmaster wrote:
> Jonathan Horne wrote in msgid:
> > On Monday 28 August 2006 07:44, newsmaster wrote:
> >> Jonathan Horne wrote in msgid:
> >>
> >> > well, i finally got it to render at 1680x1050, but the size of my
> >> > desktop is fixed at about 1.5" outside the physical size of the lcd
> >> > (and about 3/8" top
> >> > and bottom).  ive dont quite a bit of googling, and i am now trying to
> >> > figure out if there is a way to constain or shrink the desktop down,
> >> > so that i will be at the edges of my screen?
> >>
> >> Did you try "xvidtune" ? It is disigned for that purpose.
> >
> > i did, but i couldnt outwardly figure out what i was looking at.  when i
> > go tot he xvidtune page tho, it says its for XFree86... will it till work
> > properly for xorg?
> Yes, for me its works very well with Xorg.
> I bought me a new IIyama lcd screen and I had to add manually
> some new mode-lines. You can extrapolate from the existing ones.
> Then xvidtune makes the finishing touch. Press on "show" and replace
> the mode-line with the output of xvidtune.

when you click the narrower and shorters (etc) buttons, shouldnt the display 
be obeying these buttons?  if so, im at a loss, as when i click them back and 
forth, nothing happens.

ill try again,

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