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Does anyone have any information on this? I've googled and have found a lot of information for Linux and even an OpenBSD howto, but i am looking for something freebsd-specific, preferably fbsd6. I'm having issues getting all > the services, amavisd-new configured/starting up properly and would like to > read someone's all-integrated freebsd-specific solution if any, to get an idea as to what i'm doing wrong?

1) It would be entertaining if not helpful to know WHAT it is not doing
  right as you see right.
2) There is a world of help on the spamassassin-users list - if the
  problem is SpamAssassin and not amavisd-new. (Admittedly I am biased
  against that "thing" based on the number of problems it seems to
  spawn due to people not understanding its behavior.)

Those seem like a good starter question and observation.
The SA Users list is

Also visit the wiki at

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