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David Kelly <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> a écrit:

> Yes, you will have to tweak a few kernel values to allow more than 512M
> per process. And then have enough core RAM and swap to back your data.

But I have yet set the limit to 1.5GB! I wanted to known if the limit
to ~3G is always in effect.

> Consider leaving the data on disk and simplify your problem.

I am not the developper...

> Back in the days of 8 bit computers people manipulated data greater than
> 64k, so with a bit of thinking and planning you should be able to do
> similar.

My first card was with a SC/MP processor and 2K ram, words of 4 bits
and hex keyboard ;-)  ... after a ZX80 with a very large memory
of 16K...  

All the best,
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