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> On Tue, 29 Aug 2006, Bill Moran wrote:
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> >
> > >
> > > I'm getting the following errors when trying to mount volumes via NFS
> > > between to FBSD 6.1-STABLE machines:
> > >
> > > Aug 29 14:20:41 host mountd[1587]: can't export /usr
> > > Aug 29 14:20:41 host mountd[1587]: bad exports list line /usr -ro -maproot
> >
> > You have to map root to something ... i.e.
> > /usr -ro -maproot root
> I did, using this sytax, like I always have:
> / -ro -maproot=0 192.x.x.1
> /usr -ro -maproot=0 root 192.x.x.1
> /var -ro -maproot=0 root 192.x.x.1
> /home -ro -maproot=0 root 192.x.x.1
> where 192.x.x.1 is the IP of the only host I want to have access.  I tried
> switching to your syntax (taking out the "-0" and putting in " root" but I
> get the same results...

My mistake -- I mistook the errors in your original post to be the entire
exports line.

What do your physical mounts look like again?  In my experience, if any
one exports line is wrong, the whole file fails.  Try commenting out all
but one of the lines and seeing if the problem goes away.  With clever
commenting, you can then narrow it down.

In the lines above, "root" will be taken as a machine name.  While that's
unlikely to be the cause of your error, I don't expect it's what you want.

The exports man page specifically states that maproot can specify either
a username or a uid.

Bill Moran
Collaborative Fusion Inc.
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