How your m0n0wall is connected to the Internet?

If it is behind a router that do NAT there shouldn't be any problem. If the m0n0wall is connected directly behind a modem this will be more problematic :P

But as I understood your setup seems like :

Router < > m0n0wall < > LAN (Clients)

There is no problem to set your box act like this you just have to put a static route on the DSL router itself or perform outgoing NAT for your clients.

Laurie Zimmerman a écrit :
I have a client who would like to share a DSL connection with a neighboring
office.  I would like to put my clients network (they only need to share
Internet) on a separate IP (192.168.1.x) network behind a monowall.  My
question is, will monowall allow a private address (the LAN IP of DSL
router, 192.168.0.x) to be its WAN address?  Do you see any routing issues
with this?
Thanks Laurie
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