On Tuesday 29 August 2006 23:13, Nazar wrote:
> Alright guys. This is probably the complete newbie question, but I just
> cant fight a straight answer on google. The questions usually I found,
> werent answered. Anyways, to the point. I'm behind router. Cable modem ->
> Router -> pc's. Basic home setup. I set up apache and want to figure out
> how is it possible for me to use external ip to connect to my server? I can
> access the server via internal ip & people can access it via my external,
> but for me doesnt show up. I know this configuration has to do with my
> network, rather than apache, or at least main configuration of my network
> and probably some tweaking with apache....Well, if possible, some replies
> would be
> appreciated. Maybe at least point me at the right direction. Thank you.

so, for you, the internal works, and for external people the external ip 
works... are you trying to access the external from your internal?  wont work 
(well, not with the average soho router).

can you be more specific as to exactly what is not working?

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