On 30 Aug nicky wrote:
> In your message you state, "Begin forwarded message [some Xorg update
> warnings deleted]:"
> Isn't it so that in your message, lines 3 to 12 are just port related 
> binaries? (i assume xorg related). Meaning that ping/ping6, etc aren't 
> updated at all. At least i don't see the +/- signs infront of your 
> ping/ping6 ones. 

You are absolutely right. I'm blushing, I really am. Jee, I totally missed
the + / - signs. I overlooked and worried about the 'wrong' files.
It was Xorg that was updated. Just like you have done and seen ;-)
Thanks for the response.

Remains one question (too me): what program would be best to have as a
system integraty checker? Shamhein, Osiris or what?

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