> If your DVD player can't play mp3s, then it can't play DVDs. ;)
> Remember, mp3s are the audio layer of mpegs. And DVD videos consist of
> mpegs. 

For a DVD-Video disc, the audio formats are PCM (plain old wav,
effectively), AC-3 (dolby digital) and MPEG-1 Audio Layer II (only).

A lot of DVD players will also play MP3s, either on data CDs or data
DVDs (or both), but it isn't a requirement as far as I can tell. The
choices seem pretty arbitrary too. My Pioneer player will play a DVD-R
full of MP3s, but the replacement model will only play MP3 CD-Rs (and
you have to read the fine print in the manual to figure it out, too). It
seems that a lot of DivX-playing DVD players only play CDs of DivX, not
DVDs too (Toshiba, Pioneer again).

That's why I was fiddling around with MP2 and minimal video - it's an
actual standard DVD then. Although in fact I made an NTSC disc with MP2,
which is apparently a no-no.

My source was for the audio info was:

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