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> I was reading and ran across an article about a 
> memory leak in php and mysql on FreeBSD.  This is fairly concerning 
> considering I run quite a few servers with this setup.  I haven't been 
> able to find much documentation regarding this subject.
> It has been reported as a "permanent hole" which seems odd.  However, if 
> there is a problem does anyone have any info?

Anyone have Tayler's email address?  I understand that he doesn't want to
get caught in a OS Holy War, but he has to realize that the FreeBSD
community needs to know the specifics of the problem so it can be
fixed.  The email link on his site appears broken.

I just want contact information for the people who gave him the report
so I can get in touch with them for details.

We use PHP extensively, but not MySQL.  Personally, if the problem only
exists between PHP and MySQL, it's not a major concern with me.  If it
exists in PHP when MySQL isn't involved, it's a BIG deal ;)

Bill Moran
Collaborative Fusion Inc.
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