I've got a freebsd server in the garage that has a low end
soundblaster (I think) card in it that I've been using to play music.
Works just fine. We moved and now I'd like to be able to have
different music play in different rooms (living, family, and outside).
I can do all the other wiring for speakers...

But was wondering if there are any problems having three sound cards
in the box and have them all work at the same time.  I'm currently
using flac123 to play music and would probably continue to do so...


In principle, there's no problem.  But most software will only drive
one audio device at a time.  Also, note that running long cables at
fairly low signal levels can degrade the audio quality...

Good points... but no reason I couldn't run three flac123 processes and point each to their own /dev/ entry...?
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