Darrin Chandler writes:

>  On Wed, Aug 30, 2006 at 08:47:06PM -0500, Jonathan Horne wrote:
>  > ive noticed that apache can be started manually using the
>  > apachectl tool, even if it is not enabled in /etc/rc.conf.  do
>  > many other daemons have this ability?  i have a dev server
>  > that i would like to not have many things enabled in the
>  > rc.conf, but i would like an easy way to just start specific
>  > daemons when i need. 
>  Why, yes. There's nothing "magical" about the rc mechanisms, and
>  you are free to start daemons on your own. Be warned that there
>  may be side effects with some daemons, being that they are not
>  started the same way regarding login class or whatnot. But
>  normally this won't be a problem.

        The cool thing about using a properly designed script is it will
be aware of all the things which need to be started first and try to
start them is they aren't already running.
        For a hard-core development server maybe this doesn't matter
... but the closer one gets to a production environment, the more
useful it tends to become.

                                Robert Huff
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