Excuse for my English.

Pair ideas for promotion FreeBSD!
Everyone search for a place in the organization desktop on base FreeBSD
Probably, it is necessary to use as follows
On one computer to force to work at once some monitors, some keyboards and mouses. To whom it is necessary to those can work in a word-processor to you OpenOffice, who on the Internet please Firefox, etc. if needs to get access up to MS products (for example Navision) that please rDesktop.
It is possible to save on licenses and on hardware!
The distributed{allocated} calculations to make the standard decision
I.e. all network as one computer! This a chesspiece! MS before will not reach never. I.e. if not capacity that suffices buy one more machine both put anywhere and you will receive result.
Then so the idea to not compete with MS and to be in its{her} current i.e. To not try to replace MS Server, and to do{make} back Domen. To do{make} Net Share.
Then one more problem will be never solved windows by systems. It not effective utilization HDD, i.e. a minimum now hdd on 40Gb, Windows c the maximum borrows{occupies} with programs 10Gb, i.e. 30 stands idle! And if at me the park of 50 machines that is received 30х50 = 1500Gb decent space, naturally effective from them will be likely 500Gb but too it is not bad! To use it it is possible for additional backups and personal needs where it is not required to raised{increased} reliability. Though it is possible to organize network RAID.
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