"The right stuff":

sudo mount_smbfs -I <server name NOT ip - don't ask me why, I don't
know> -W <workgroup/domain name> -d 550 -f 550 //<myusername>@<server
name NOT ip - I can answer this if you don't know and ask me
why>/<share> <mount point>

That's about it.

On 8/30/06, Antony Mawer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On 31/08/2006 2:18 AM, Jim Stapleton wrote:
> nevermind, my own dumb mistake with the connection string, first I
> didn't have the right stuff for logging into a domain, second time
> around when that was fixed, I had a "/" where there should have been
> an "@".

What was "the right stuff" for logging into a domain? Can you give an
example command line?

We've seen some machines where we had to add the -W parameter with the
domain name (as the workgroup name, go figure) in order to get
mount_smbfs to work... yet smbclient will happily figure this out itself.


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