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There used to be a port of Cyrusoft's Mulberry mail client that
installed the  Linux rpm version; then Cyrusoft went bankrupt and the
port dissappeared.

Mulberry is now available for free as a standalone Linux binary:


Has anyone got this working?  If you just run the binary it opens and
can be  be configured to read an imap  mailbox, but a lot of the error
and warning  pop-up boxes are missing text and buttons. There are
probably other problems,  but without the error messages it's hard to

That's what the port was doing when I tried it.

I installed the new 4.0.5 release, and it works fine. Nothing is missing (that I noticed.)

I'm running 6.0 RELEASE with linux_base-fc-4_8.

And I *love* Mulberry.

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