Albert Shih wrote:

> Where can I find a compatibility matix between those proc and the FreeBSD
> release (I don't need 64bits...)

To generalise: if it's an i386 compatible processor, then FreeBSD will work
with it in 32 bit mode -- that's any FreeBSD version.  That includes AMD64
chips like the Opteron.

If it has the EMT64 extensions then FreeBSD 5.x or above should run in 64bit
mode. If it's an AMD64 processor, then FreeBSD 5.x or above will run in 64bit

There may be some exceptions to that statement, but they will be quite few
and far between,  I've certainly never run into problems like that.

Of course, the kicker tends to be the other devices on the system -- mother
board chipsets are much more likely to result in compatibility problems than
the CPU itself.



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